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Dunakeszi Járműjavító Kft.

Dunakeszi Járműjavító Kft. Dunakeszi, Hungary
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Our story began in 1911 when the ongoing expansion of railway transportation and two fires that had occurred in a previous plant forced MÁV (Hungarian Railways) to find a site near Budapest where a new main workshop could be established.


In our factory, which has been operating since 1926, we mainly build and repair railway passenger cars, but you will also find trams, metro cars, freight wagons, and anything that runs on fixed tracks.


From that time, DJJ has achieved many milestones and received highly prestigious orders demanding high expertise since our founding, such as manufacturing the Golden Train that carried the Holy Right Hand around the country. We have made our proprietary development, the Eurofima Intercity carriage which was awarded the grand prix of the Industria trade fair.


After 96 years, we are still committed to excelling through our performance, continuous improvement, and years of experience.

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I, the undersigned …………………………………………………, as the representative of ……………………………………… ……..………………………………………………………(Company name and headquarters) declare that I will safeguard under any circumstances the business secret I obtain while performing work for Dunakeszi Járműjavító Kft. and will oblige to do so the employees of the company under my control.


I agree that I shall not transfer to third party any information I obtain through the relation with the Company, relating to the activities, technical performance, business results or business partners of the Company unless it is agreed by an express written permit of Dunakeszi Járműjavító Kft.


I shall not make copies of any technical documentation owned by Dunakeszi Járműjavító Kft. and transferred to our company, for any purpose other than performance of the contractual obligations, and will not transfer such copies to third parties without the express authorization of the owner of such documents.


I agree to return any documentation on completion of performance of the agreement, and eradicate or order eradication of any copies that are no loner necessary for the work or performance of the contract.

I acknowledge that Business Secret shall mean any confidential fact, information, or data, collection of data connected to business activity, which is not widely known to the public or easily accessible to the business players in its entirety or as the collection of its elements, therefore it is representing value of pecuniary in respect of which the owner of the secret will conduct in such way which is normally expected in the given situation.

I acknowledge that any person obtaining unauthorized access to the business secret, using or disclosing confidential information will infringe the rights connected to business secret.

I declare that I am aware of the consequences of infringement of the business secret, that is, I am aware of the provisions of Article 148 of Act C of 2012 on the Criminal Code, according to which:

“Any person who illegally acquires, uses, or discloses a business secret for financial gain or advantage, or makes it available to others or publishes such information, causing pecuniary injury to others is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment not exceeding three years”

I acknowledge that in case of culpable infringement of the confidentiality obligation for any reason attributable to me or to the employee of the company under my control I will be fully liable for compensation for the losses suffered by Dunakeszi Járműjavító Kft.

In respect of the issues not regulated in this present declaration the provisions of Act LIV of 2018 on protection of business secret shall apply.