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Bidding agent

Bidding Agent - What is that?

Our bidding agent helps you to bid automatically. In open auctions, bids are automatically placed up to a pre-set maximum amount. You can find the minimum bidding increments in our terms of use. The bidding agent thus helps you to purchase products without immediately exhausting your maximum bid.

This is how the bidding agent works

Here you can see how our bidding agent works in practice:

Bidder current bid at sale current highest bidder Minimum increase steps
Anna places a maximum bid of € 400 100 € Anna 1 €
Ben places a maximum bid of €150 151 € Anna 1 €
Christina places a maximum bid of € 500 401 € Christina 1 €
Dennis places a maximum bid of € 503 503 € Dennis 10 €
Emma places a maximum bid of €600 513 €  Emma 10 €
Florian places a maximum bid of € 599 600 € Emma 10 €
Gisela places a maximum bid of € 700 610 € Gisela 10 €
Hans places a maximum bid of € 700 700 €  Gisela 10 €

Grafisches Beispiel

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