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Level crossings

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From St. Andrew's crosses to full-length barriers

Level crossings are installed where a railway crosses a road, path or square at the same level. In the interests of safety on the road and rail, level crossings have to be properly secured. Here you can buy or sell everything you need to build, secure and maintain level crossings – from St. Andrew's crosses to full-length barriers. Our extensive range, which has everything you need for level crossings, offers pre-owned and new technology as well as level-crossing components spanning a variety of models and manufacturers. 

Buy pre-owned level crossings

At you can buy inexpensively, sustainably and conveniently by direct purchase or at auction. We offer a large selection of second hand level crossings as well as a wide range of level-crossing components. Our filters will help you find the right offer for you and your area of application in no time at all.