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Interlocking equipment

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Modern signalling equipment for any signal box

Signal boxes are fundamental trackside systems for managing railway operations. They are used to control and monitor outdoor safety equipment. In signal boxes, connections are made between points, bars, derailers and signals to ensure safe train traffic. Depending on the type of signal box, these connections are controlled mechanically or electrically with lever and crank or by computer. Relay interlockings as well as digital and electronic signal boxes can even be controlled remotely. 

We offer a wide range of signalling equipment from suppliers such as Deutsche Bahn and various rail infrastructure companies. At, you can purchase high-quality products and equipment directly with just a few clicks. 

Buy signalling equipment for less

You can find reliable signalling equipment at affordable prices in our auctions and direct purchase offers. Whether you are looking for mechanical or electromechanical interlockings, relay interlockings or digital and electronic interlockings, has exactly what you need.