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Drive train

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The drive system for rail vehicles

The drive train is used to power a wide variety of rail vehicles. Each train and each traction unit has its own propulsion requirements and components. The Intercity-Express (ICE), for example, uses the three-phase a.c. drive. From pantographs to transformers, converters, diesel or electric motors, gearboxes and batteries, we have all kinds of drive components as well as complete drive trains and fully assembled three-phase a.c. drives. Pre-owned drive systems for all types of rail transport can be found in our auctions. 

Buy high-quality drive trains second hand

We have a great selection of secnd hand drive trains for railway operations at a great price. The auctions on feature drive trains from various rail companies, which you can bid on quickly and easily. Whether you are looking for something specific like an ICE drive system or for drive systems in general, it is worth keeping an eye on the offers at