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Buy and sell used traction units on

You can buy and sell various types of traction units on our marketplace. Whether you want to buy used shunting locomotives, power cars or perhaps DB locomotives, you will regularly find a wide selection of offers here. Buying locomotives is simple and transparent with us. Find used, decommissioned locomotives at attractive conditions.
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Red regional train travelling on rails through a rural areaRed regional train travelling on rails through a rural area

Types of traction units

Locomotives are central traction units in rail transport. They are used to pull or push trains and can be used for both passenger and freight transport.

Power car
Power cars, such as the ICE 1 power car, ICE 2 power car and ICE 884 power car, are special traction units that are mainly used in high-speed trains.

Control car
Control cars are driver's cabs that are used at the end of the train and allow operation in both directions without having to move the locomotive.

Railcars are self-propelled units that are used for both passenger and regional transport.

There are different types of railcars:
Diesel railcars: These railcars, such as the Deutsche Bahn (DB) diesel railcar, are equipped with diesel engines.
Electric railcars: These units use electrical energy and are often used on electrified lines.
Combustion railcars: These railcars are equipped with combustion engines, similar to diesel vehicles.
Battery-powered railcars: Battery-powered railcars use batteries as an energy source and are particularly environmentally friendly.


You can buy railcars from us at good prices and from verified sellers. Whether you are looking for an old railway railcar or a modern electric railcar, you will always find numerous offers here. Keep an eye on this page and find your new used railcar, railcar head & co. at a fair price!

Popular series

There are some particularly popular series on the market. These include, for example, the 628 series - a diesel-powered commuter railcar that is mainly used in regional transport. The 648 series, another diesel railcar, is also widely used in local passenger transport. For high-speed transport, the 402 series, also known as the ICE 2, offers a high-performance solution within Deutsche Bahn's ICE fleet. The modern 623 commuter railcar impresses with its reliability and efficiency. The 650 series, a diesel-powered railcar, is also frequently used in regional transport. Finally, the older 624 series, which has been in service since the 1960s, is characterised by its longevity. These different series offer you a wide range of options for finding the right traction unit for your needs and optimising your fleet. We will be happy to help you with any questions. Are you looking for something specific? Then please contact us to submit your request.

The most popular traction vehicle manufacturers - from Alstom to Vossloh

Alstom, Siemens Mobility, Bombardier and Vossloh - all manufacturers have one thing in common - they are extremely popular in the railway industry. Alstom is a global leader in the field of rail vehicles and is known for its innovative electric locomotives. Siemens Mobility offers a wide range of state-of-the-art electric locomotives that are recognised for their reliability and efficiency. Similarly, Bombardier (now Alstom) was a renowned manufacturer and known for its wide range of models, including the popular Bombardier Talent railcar. With luck, you may still be able to find these on Vossloh impresses with its robust and durable locomotives and railcars. These renowned manufacturers all impress with their first-class quality and longevity, making their models very popular, even second-hand. Take the opportunity to buy or sell high-quality traction units at fair prices on