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Overhead line equipment

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The right overhead line equipment at the right price

Overhead lines supply trains with the energy they need and are an integral part of the track-side railway infrastructure. Overhead line equipment is subject to different requirements. Selecting the right overhead line equipment depends on various factors, such as the type of rail line, the volume of traffic and the climatic conditions, all of which influence the design of the overhead line as well as the materials used to build it. Our auctions feature various types of overhead lines, overhead line systems and overhead line equipment – all available second hand. 

Buy second hand overhead lines

Get yourself a new overhead line, overhead line system or overhead contact line equipment at a competitive price, quickly and sustainably at Pre-owned railway overhead lines are available for purchase, directly or at auction. Our filters will help you to find your new overhead line quickly and easily – from suppliers including Deutsche Bahn and many other railway companies and railway infrastructure undertakings.