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Road-rail vehicles

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Road rail vehicles on - your source for the best offers

Road rail vehicles, also known as dual-mode vehicles, are specially designed vehicles that can operate on both road and rail. These vehicles offer flexibility and efficiency in various applications such as construction, maintenance and transportation. Here you can find everything you need for your specific requirements - from road-rail Unimogs to road-rail excavators. Visit our marketplace regularly to keep up to date with the latest offers and find the perfect vehicle for you and your requirements.

The various road-rail vehicles - from road-rail excavators to road-rail trucks

There are various types of road rail vehicles that are designed for a wide variety of tasks. The most common types include

Two-way trucks: Ideal for transporting materials and equipment.
Two-way excavator: Perfect for construction and servicing work on rails and roads.
Two-way foreman shunters: Specially designed for shunting trains and rail vehicles.
Two-way lifts and working platforms: Indispensable for maintenance and repair work in hard-to-reach places.

Popular manufacturers of road rail vehicles

You can find road rail vehicles from renowned manufacturers on our marketplace. Here are some of the leading brands and models you might discover on our marketplace:

Unimog: Popular models such as the Unimog U300, Unimog U423 and Unimog U530.
Liebherr: High-quality road-rail excavators such as the Liebherr A922 Rail.
Atlas: Reliable models such as the Atlas 1604 road-rail excavator.
Zagro: Innovative solutions such as the Zagro E Maxi XXL.
Windhoff: Powerful two-way maneuvering vehicles.
Zephir: Efficient shunters and road rail vehicles.

Yellow road-rail vehicle working on an overhead line on railway tracks at duskYellow road-rail vehicle working on an overhead line on railway tracks at dusk

Unimogs - The all-rounders

Buy used Unimog

If you are looking for a used Unimog, is the right place for you. Used Unimogs are a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. Our platform regularly offers a selection of used Unimogs that are well maintained and ready for use. Check back regularly to discover the latest offers.

Popular Unimog models

Unimogs are known for their versatility and robustness. The models you could find on include:

Unimog U300: A versatile model, ideal for various tasks, offering an engine power of up to 177 HP.
Unimog U423: Known for its high traction and flexibility, featuring an engine power of up to 231 HP.
Unimog U530: A powerful Unimog with up to 354 HP, designed for demanding tasks.

See an offer that interests you? Very nice! A price indication and technical data for each Unimog can be found on the auction page. 

The well-known Unimog manufacturers

Unimog vehicles are known for their versatility and robustness. Manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz offer a wide range of Unimog models designed for a wide variety of applications. If you want to buy an MB Unimog, you've come to the right place. Create a search request for MB Unimogs directly and don't miss out on any offers. In addition to Mercedes-Benz, ZAGRO also offers special Unimog solutions for use on rails and in road traffic, while MAN develops Unimog-like commercial vehicles designed for demanding transport and logistics tasks.

Road-rail excavators - efficiency in two ways

Road-rail excavators are indispensable for work on rail and road. On you can always find road-rail excavators from leading manufacturers. These include road-rail excavators from Liebherr, Atlas and Caterpillar. Always keep an eye out for suitable offers!

The different road-rail excavator models

Just like the Unimog, there are also various road-rail excavator models that are particularly popular and each have their own strengths. The models offered on could include

Liebherr A922 Rail: A powerful excavator for a wide range of applications.
Atlas 1604 road-rail excavator: Renowned for its robustness and efficiency.
Cat M323F Rail: A versatile road-rail excavator with excellent performance.

Prices for road-rail excavators, especially used ones, can vary depending on the model, condition and equipment. Check regularly to discover the latest offers and find the best value for money.

Yellow road-rail excavator on railway tracks in a rural environmentYellow road-rail excavator on railway tracks in a rural environment

Selling your road rail vehicle

If you are considering selling your Unimog, our marketplace is the ideal platform for you. We offer attractive conditions and an uncomplicated and fast sales process. Contact us directly to find out more about selling your Unimog, road-rail excavator and more. We will be happy to help you!