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Freight wagons

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The right freight wagon for every type of freight

In Germany, more than 200 million tonnes of goods are transported in freight wagons every year. Choosing the right wagon is an essential first step in getting the freight safely to its destination. Around 200 types of freight wagons are available for this purpose in Germany. These differ, for example, depending on the weight and length of the goods to be transported, come with or without a cover and allow goods to be carried in open or enclosed transports. 

Freight wagon failures and searching for freight wagons entail high costs. In most cases, replacements have to be found quickly under time pressure. Whether you are in the automotive or chemical industry or you transport building materials, industrial and consumer goods, or goods from the agriculture, forestry and mining sectors, you can find the freight wagons you need on 

Buy pre-owned freight wagons

Are you looking for a freight wagon? Do you need to find a replacement at short notice? You can find second hand freight wagons here. gives you the option to purchase products directly or bid on them at auction. Let us help you find the right wagon for your goods. Start browsing now!