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Looking for tipper wagons

One of our customers is currently looking for a large number of goods tippers. All models of tipper wagons are possible. If you have one or more tipper wagons of any kind for sale, please send us a message. 
More details on request. 

The tipper wagons should be usable.


Do you have something suitable to offer? Then contact our marketplace team! 

Looking for block shafts & block stops of all kinds and block tops of 4/6 or 8 widths

We are looking for the following items to build a transportable small standardized interlocking for model railway meetings (all for standardized construction only):

  • Block shafts of all types, ideally 10 lengths (i.e. 10 push rod widths), including bearings for attachment to the L-section and locking pieces/drives on the push rods.
  • Block stops of all types
  • Block top 4, 6 or 8 mm wide (picture shows 16 mm width, i.e. only half the size), preferably with the buttons. (Crank inductor is already present)

Condition should be usable or refurbishable.


Do you have something suitable to offer? Then contact our marketplace team! 

Gesucht wird ein Ersatzteil für Baureihe 140

Schön, dass Sie neugierig reinschauen, obwohl hier ja eigentlich noch gar kein richtiger Text steht, sondern nur der sogenannte Blindtext. Der aber soll Ihnen diesmal mehr Spass machen als das «Eiriseididum» oder das «Kisuaheli omryx nomryx» oder dieses «Iam quanto minoris constat haec felicitas accessio!» oder «In general, bodytypes are measured in the typographical point size». Dieser Blindtext will Ihnen nämlich dreierlei sagen: Erstens will er den Texter entschuldigen - tut uns leid, aber es war einfach unmöglich, das Ding gestern nacht noch exakt auf Länge runterzuschreiben. 

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