Fees for Sellers

Overview of our current fees for sellers

We help you reach active buyers, increase sales, manage orders and save marketing costs – all at a fair price. 

You have many advantages as a seller on our marketplace: These include customer service, access to active customers, a huge reach, your own shop page and lots of other free marketing support. 

What are the fees?


After you have sold your item, we will charge you a sales fee. The fee is based on the amount for which the item was sold. We use three price bands:

Band A

9% sales commission on all lots sold for EUR 10,000 or less

Band B

6% sales commission on all lots sold for more than EUR 10,000 and up to EUR 70,000, subject to a minimum fee of EUR 900 per lot.

Band C

EUR 4,200 sales commission on all lots sold for more than EUR 70,000

How are the fees charged?

You will be invoiced for the sales fees at the end of the month in which the lots were sold. We will notify you by e-mail or post or by making the invoice available in your user account.

Have more questions?

Check out our FAQ section, which contains helpful answers to frequently asked questions. 

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