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As a seller at you enjoy many advantages.
Our platform gives you access to precisely those buyers who are looking for your product.
You can present,
negotiate and sell your products with us quickly, easily and intuitively.

     What you need to do: 

  1. Start by creating a customer account. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

  2. Once you have registered successfully, click on the orange "Sell" button next to the search bar on the top right. 

  3. Create a new sale and fill in all the fields.  
    Tip: The more precise and detailed your product description, the better your buyers can visualise the product and the more likely they are to buy. 

  4. You can save a draft at any time while you are creating your sales offer. And do not worry if you are still missing information. You can simply add the information later and continue configuring your sale at any time. As soon as you have completed all the mandatory fields, you display your product online by clicking the "Publish" button. Please note that this may take a few minutes. 

  5. You can find all your posted sales offers under the "Sales" tab in the "My account" area. You can easily view them, manage them or keep an eye on their status there. 

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What does the selling process look like?

Create sale

Prepare:  Give buyers a good impression by giving lots of details and uploading pictures. The more info buyers see, the better they can get an idea of your product and their interest increases.

Publish: You can decide whether you want to publish it directly or schedule it for a specific date.



Open auction: The highest bidder is automatically selected. We will inform you and the buyer as soon as the auction is over. You do not have to do anything.

Hidden auction: As soon as the auction is over, you have to choose a winner. You can do this in your customer account. After that, the bidders will be informed automatically.

Direct purchase: You will be informed automatically as soon as your product is sold.

Direct purchase with price suggestion: We inform you as soon as a buyer sends you a price suggestion. Then you can accept or reject it.


Place order

Payment: In the order you will find all details about your sale and information about the buyer: delivery and invoice address and contact details.

Invoice: Send the buyer an invoice for the outstanding amount. As soon as you have received the money, you can set the status of the order to "paid".

Shipment/collection: You can negotiate with the buyer whether the goods will be collected or shipped. Once the goods have been collected by the buyer or have been shipped, set the status to collected/shipped accordingly.

You have further questions?

Check out our FAQ section, which contains helpful answers to frequently asked questions.

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